*NEW* Portable Ultrasound US Pro 2000 2nd Edition - Continuous Pulse + Heat -FREE SHIPPING

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*NEW* Portable Ultrasound US Pro 2000 2nd Edition - Continuous Pulse + Heat -FREE SHIPPING

"The NEW & IMPROVED Acclaim US PRO 2000 Ultrasound is an easy-to-use personal pain reliever for your body "




*New with Extra Features & Benefits*

Home use -  Portable Ultrasound Model US Pro 2000 2nd Edition


The US Pro 2000™ 2nd Edition is a clinical grade therapeutic ultrasound device that generates deep heat through ultrasound energy.  The pulsed sound waves travel deep into the tissue and induce vasodilation, which helps increase blood flow to the treated area and is found to help relieve pain and reduce muscle spasms.  Equipped with a head warming feature on an ergonomically designed sound head for increased patient comfort.  With three output intensities and three treatment time selections, the US Pro 2000™ 2nd Edition can provide a wide range of therapy treatments.

). Complete with hard carrying case, ultrasound gel, A/C power adapter, instruction manual and a quick start guide.

The NEW & IMPROVED Acclaim US PRO 2000 Ultrasound is an easy-to-use personal pain reliever for your body that stimulates healing through specialized non-invasive, sonic waves and heat. New Improvements Include: A head warming feature that pre-heats the sound head applicator for increased patient comfort. Use in underwater therapy!  Three output intensities and three treatment time selections to create customized therapy treatments.

Make your pain disappear like magic! The Acclaim US PRO 2000 Ultrasound creates vibrations in the muscle tissue and skin. These vibrations almost instantly calm inflammation help increase blood flow directly where it is needed. These ultrasonic vibrations are ideal treatment for muscle pain, skeletal pain, superficial (skin) bruising and more!

By gently stimulating the tissues affected by your pain, the body is able to help heal and repair itself faster than without ultrasonic treatments, leaving you more time to enjoy your life. Powerful and compact, Acclaim delivers clinical-grade ultrasound, to an over the counter device! Ergonomically designed for easy one-handed applications, this versatile tool is an unbeatable solution to painful muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments, and it begins working immediately.

With a built-in timer and three pre-set modes for a customized treatment plan, the Acclaim US PRO 2000 Ultrasound is exceptionally simple to use. The included conductive gel ensures that you receive the optimum transmission, while the durable hard-shell carrying case is packed with everything you'll need to bring fast-acting pain relief wherever you need it. If you want a clinical-grade device that can deliver rapid results, at an affordable price, look no further, the Acclaim US PRO 2000 Ultrasound is all you need. You'll always appreciate the substance and reliability of buying from ActiveForever.com!

Acclaim US PRO 2000 Ultrasound Features:

  • Ultrasound therapy delivers fast results with no adverse effects
  • Water immersion protected (30 minutes at depth of 1 meter)
  • Single button control
  • Generates deep heat to effected area
  • Aluminum sound head with warming feature
  • 1 MHZ frequency with 3 easy preset power settings
  • Treatment time may range from 2-5 minutes
  • 3 different treatment times - 5, 10, and 15 minutes
  • Rugged carrying case contains everything you need
  • Adapter included for clinical or long term use
  • Clinical-grade therapy at an over the counter price
  • Ergonomically designed

Acclaim US PRO 2000 Ultrasound Specifications:


  • Power Source: AC/DC adaptor
  • Wave Form: Pulsed, Continuous
  • Timer Settings: 5, 10 and 15 minutes
  • Acousitc Frequency: 1 MHz ± 10%
  • Maximume Effective Sound Intensity: 2.4W/cm± 20 (Duty cycle: 100%)
  • Temporal Maximum Output: 6.4W ± 20% (duty factor 100%)
  • Power Output L: .08W/cm± 20%
  • Power Output M: .8W/cm2 ± 20%
  • Power Output H: 1.30W/cm2 ± 20%
  • Duty Factor (L, M, H): Adjustable, L(5%), M(50%), H(100%)
  • Effective Radiation Area (ERA): 4.0cm± 20%
  • Max Beam Nonuniformity Ratio (BNR): 5.0
  • Beam Type: Collimated
  • Ultrasound Head: Aluminum
  • Working Voltage: 15VDC
  • Working Current: Working current less than 1.0A,Static current less 80mA
  • Includes: one (1) Acclaim US PRO 2000 ultrasound, AC adaptor, carrying case, ultrasound gel, AC/DC Adapter, quick start guide, and instruction manual

NOTE: Must be used with ultrasound gel to conduct the wave energy to the skin.

Warranty: one (1) year warranty

Returns: Due to hygiene purposes, this item is non-returnable.

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