-BD320108 Ultrafine III Pen Needle, 31 G, 8mm 100/BOX

  • -BD320108 Ultrafine III Pen Needle, 31 G, 8mm 100/BOX
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BD Ultra-Fine™ III Short Pen Needle


The BD Ultra-Fine™ Short Pen Needle is 31 gauge, 8mm (5/16”). It is BD’s best-selling pen needle. This length of needle is recommended for patients who use a lifted skin fold technique or for those who prefer a longer 31 gauge needle.

Paper tab and inner shield are color-coded blue for easy size/gauge recognition.





NOTE: Today's insulin needle is thinner and more delicate for greater comfort, so needle reuse can damage the tip and cause injury. To ensure maximum safety and comfort, you should never use a syringe or pen needle more than once. For more details, see our web page on the risks of needle reuse.

One Needle Fits All.




 BD Ultra -Fine Pen Needles offer:

  • Universal fit with all diabetes pens in Canada‡
  • Convenience for patients who use more than one type of diabetes pen
  • Proprietary needle technology to enhance injection confort