#39 Bell Acidic Stomach Alkaline Balance ,Price for 2 pack

  • #39 Bell Acidic Stomach Alkaline Balance ,Price for 2 pack
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#39 Bell Acidic Stomach Alkaline Balance

pack of 2 Bottle ( 60 capsule each Bottle )


  •  Helps restore PH neutral alkaline body.
  • According to Dr. C. Hammoud M.H PhD restoring a PH neutral alkaline body is one of the most important and inexpensive preventive steps you can take to avoid many diseases and experts say cancer is unlikely to grow in an alkaline balanced body
  • All natural ingredients.

INGREDIENTS: Alfalfa extract, barley grass, MSM, blue green algae, chamomile extract, cinamon powder, robinia pseudoacacia, natrum phosphoricum, kali carbonicum, kali sulfericum, sodium bicarbonate, calcium bicarbonate, berberine alkaloid, alovera powder, rheum officinate. 
Bell Acidic Stomach/Alkaline Balanced # 39
By Dr. Chakib Hammoud, MH, PhD.




In 25 years from now people will look back to 2007 and say how was it possible that people were so backward and did not know anything about their body’s pH. At a recent physical my own family doctor did not check my pH and was not interested. Many men and women know that you have to maintain a proper pH balance in your swimming pool and hot tub to make it work properly. A survey showed that very few know that it’s still far more important to check the pH of your body to prevent discomforts and disease. The knowledge has been around for years how to prevent many discomforts and diseases, such as acidic stomach (you may not need anti-acid pills), stress, tiredness, depression, weight gain, vascular diseases, cancer is unlikely to grow in an alkaline balanced body say many health experts. Changes are coming. However, they are so slow to get through to the majority of men and women as well as health professionals. It was relayed to me by a friend that a women that went through breast cancer treatment was instructed by her doctor to keep her body in an alkaline balanced state to help to prevent recurrence of the cancer.



Almost every day there are news items that we make great efforts at huge expenses to reduce the waiting time for medical treatments. Virtually no efforts are made and virtually no money is spent to prevent illness. Hopefully in 25 years things will have improved a lot. In the meantime those that want to do something have the opportunity with this alkaline product that happens to be also very inexpensive.
What is your body's pH reading?
Dr. C. Hammoud M.H., PhD. says this is one of the two most important inexpensive preventive steps you can take to avoid discomforts and many diseases, such as: an acidic stomach, reflux, stress, tiredness, low energy, indigestion, weight gain, diabetes, vascular diseases, arthritis and cancer is unlikely to grow in an alkaline balanced body say many health experts on the internet, including twotime Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg. Details attached.

You alone are responsible for your health!
Researched by Nick A. Jerch from the internet and other public resources on body acidity and pH alkaline balance. We are raised to wish each other good health and do nothing about it ourselves - until we get sick. Then we go to the doctor and get drugs or have surgeries. For many people, preventing an illness has never been an issue and still isn't. Cures are uncertain, painful and expensive. Prevention is best! It's only about a dozen years ago that the Toronto Star newspaper printed a head line reporting that a local medical convention keynote speaker said, "We are not in the prevention business". Things have not changed much since. When it comes to preventing an illness, it's your responsibility. At a recent physical check-up my own doctor did not check , and was not interested in, the acid or alkaline balance of my body. I know of a women who went through breast cancer treatment, and her doctor now advises her to keep her body in a pH neutral alkaline balance. It may take some time before more doctors are advising their patients about the importance of keeping their bodies in a pH neutral alkaline balance.

We have two major preventive systems in our body that can prevent many or most illnesses and we should maintain these two systems. Arthur Schoppenhauer said: "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident." We believe, for most people, it will be selfevident to prefer to prevent diseases.