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The therapist’s thumb is specially designed to help you better perform deep tissue and trigger point massage. This ergonomic tool enables you to comfortably provide your clients with deeper and more effective therapy while eliminating a common problem with the strain on your thumb.  In addition, the therapist thumb is particularly devised to be used in concert with any oil, lotion or cream of your choice for enhanced therapeutic benefits.

This special tool is intended for use in multiple ways according to your preference and treatment requirements.  For example, a reverse hold approach may be employed for muscle stripping and deep massaging. On the other hand, a standard hold and a fingertip hold may be favored for applying a more gentle pressure which is appropriate for releasing neck tension and general relaxation.

Cleaning Instructions:
It is recommended to clean this massage tool after each use. You may easily clean it with soap and warm water or with alcohol and wipe it dry with cloth.