Cefar Primo Pro TENS Machine

  • Cefar Primo Pro TENS Machine
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What is the Cefar Primo Pro?

Advanced dual channel digital TENS machine featuring seven preset programmes for effective pain relief.
Features Cefar Easy Touch (tm) : With the press of a button, you can find the level of stimulation that is strong enough to ensure effective pain relief for you.
The 7 pre-set programs feature a new comfortable form of stimulation. By using both channels (four electrodes) at the same time, you obtain pain relief, together with a pleasant, massaging feeling.
3 open slots for you to create your own personalised treatment programs.
Features a larger screen and backlight, making it much easier to read.
2 year manufacturer's warranty.

When can I use it?

For scientifically proven relief of pain, including: 

  • Acute and chronic muscular and joint pain
  • Neck and lower back pain
  • Period and labour pain
  • Arthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Nausea

How does it work?

Stick on the electrodes and at the press of a button, an electrical current is passed through the skin to stimulate nerve endings. The stimulated nerve endings send a signal to the brain, blocking the pain impulses and producing drug-free pain relief.
The Cefar Primo Pro features: 

  • Dual channel, to deliver 7 pre-set programs and 3 custom programs
  • Total weight 180g (approx), including batteries
  • Dimensions: 120mm(L) x 50mm(W) x 30mm(D)
  • Runs on 2 regular 1.5 V AA batteries or rechargeable batteries
  • Detachable neck strap and belt clip
  • User's Manual

Always follow the manufacturer's operating instructions.


Cefar easy touch automatic intensity adjustment
At the press of a button, the intensity is automatically set and adjusted according to the results on the Auto test analysis. Cefar easy touch makes treatment easier and ensures stimulation takes place at an optimal and effective level.
2 independent channels
You can perform a treatment using two different programmes simultaneously.
Cefar Primo Pro has 3 open slots for personalized programmes.
Backlit screen
The Cefar Primo Pro has a larger screen and the backlight makes it much easier to read, even if the surrounding light is poor.

Standard Accessories: 
Set of Lead Wires (2pcs) 
Cefar Primo Pro User Manual 
Cefar Bag (Black), 2ch 
Cefar Neck Strap 
AA Batteries

1 Pack of 5cm x 5cm Electrodes

Technical Specifications:
Number of Channels: 2 
Number of Programs: 7 preset, 3 programmable 
Constant Current: Up to a resistance of Max 1500 Ohm/channel 
Maximum Amplitude: 60 mA 
Intensity Increments: Minimum 0.5 mA 
Max Pulse Duration/Width: 300 μ seconds 
Max Frequency: 120 Hz 
Power Source: 2x1.5V AA 
Dimensions*: 120 x 30 x 50 mm 
Weight: 180g, including battery 
Electrical Safety Class: Class II, Type BF 
Safety Tests: IEC 60601-1, IEC 60101-1-2 
* Dimensions are listed as L x W x H