Virox 5 Disinfectant Cleaner Surface Wipes Cannister-3 Pack

  • Virox 5 Disinfectant Cleaner Surface Wipes Cannister-3 Pack
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  • Surface cleaner and disinfectant
  • 160 wipes / canister
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MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET    ( click below link )

virox AHP 5 Disinfectant Wipes 

Use Virox® AHP 5 Disinfectant Wipes to disinfect hard environmental
surfaces such as table tops, floors, food processing equipment and non-critical
instruments such as bed pans, stethoscopes and more.
Disinfection of Non-Critical Items, Equipment & Hard Surfaces
■ Apply to surface with cloth or disposable wipe. Ensure surface
remains wet for at least 5 minutes at 20° C. Wipe dry or rinse.
Cleaning & Disinfecting Surfaces of Blood and Body Fluids
that May Contain HIV
■ Gloves should be worn. Remove excess blood and fluid with
absorbent materials.
■ Clean contaminated area: Apply to surface, soak 30 seconds,
wipe dry.
■ Disinfect contaminated area: Apply to surface, allow to
remain wet for 5 minutes. Wipe surface dry or rinse.
Personal Protection
■ Disposable latex or vinyl gloves, gowns, face masks, or eye
coverings as appropriate, must be worn during all cleaning of
body fluids, blood and decontamination procedures.
Disposal of Infectious Material
■ Products contaminated with blood or body fluids should
be disposed of according to Federal, Provincial, and local
regulations for infectious waste disposal.
Broad-Spectrum Sanitizing on Environmental Surfaces
■ Apply AHP 5 RTU to surface, allow to remain wet for
30 seconds.
■ Wipe dry. No rinse required. Food contact surfaces require
rinsing with potable water