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ComboEMS/ TwinStim- Digital&TENS Unit Bonus 3/pk Electrodes

I received my TENS unit only a few short days using after ordering! It is working as it should and I'm quite happy with it. The case will be nice for storing when not in use; much better than a baggie!


Enviromate E3 Steam Cleaner

Excellent Steam Cleaner Reviewed by: John on 2010-08-30 Just recieved our Environmate E3 steam cleaner and put it to all of the tests we could find: greasy range hood over a six burner professional range, marble tile floors in both kitchen and bath, shower stalls, cat litter box, hardwood floors, and even some mildew in the basement. The beautifully designed, heavy duty machine did an amazing job for us. Plenty of power to the steam jet (nice to have the pressure adjustable at the applicator handle), and the attachments are well built and sturdily engineered. Easy to assemble, change heads, set up the steamer and use. I particularly liked how effortlessly it cleaned the tile floor in the kitchen, which gets heavy wear and food spills. I also really like the high heat for sanitizing and the dry steam that leaves the surfaces only slightly damp. A great new tool to help clean a house that has some tough problem cleaning areas. I think it is a much better investment than the similarly sized,lighter duty steam cleaners on the market, judging from the reviews I have read of them. Very pleased with this new cleaning tool and would highly recommend it to others looking for a multifunction steam cleaner for their home or shop.


Life Source By Nonin Go2 Finger Pulse OXIMETER

Brand: LifeSource
Reward Points: 278
Availability: In Stock
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Price: $149.00 $139.00

Made in The USA

Helps manage your asthma or COPD! This non-invasive fingertip pulse oximeter provides quick and easy blood oxygen level measurements to help you take control of your health!

The power to know your oxygen saturation and pulse rate levels - Accurate, immediate readings you need to manage your oxygen and pulse rate—helping you to live a more active and fulfilling life.

The confidence and peace of mind to take control of your life - The LifeSource by Nonin GO2™ LED provides you with the information to make better decisions, save time and doctor visits, and gain the freedom to do what you want with precision you can rely on. You can now confidently know when to
adjust your activity levels or oxygen or to seek medical attention.

The finger pulse oximeter that’s accurate and easy to use in any environment - Small, portable and noninvasive, easily clips on your fingertips and goes anywhere you go. With Nonin’s clinically proven PureSAT® SpO2 technology, the LifeSource by Nonin GO2™ LED provides precise measurements in the most challenging conditions such as motion and low perfusion.

  • Bright LED display that’s easy to read in all light conditions
  • Designed to face you for convenient viewing
  • Accurately monitors oxygen saturation and pulse rate


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