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Excellent Customer service

I am happy with the products and service would highly recommend this company. I found this company thru Goggle search, went to site to order and receive my order very fast with free shipping. I will definitely be ordering any other item I may need from this company.

Pradip Gandhi

great service and help

I purchased your Premier Stim Plus EMS unit approx. 3 weeks ago. In this time frame I have reduced my pain medication by over 40% and that was with the use of just 2 electrodes. Now that I am being upgraded to using 4 electrodes, I know the results will be greater. Being a sufferer of Fibromyalgia and living in constant pain for almost 1 year, the EMS has been the first real alternative to taking prescription pain pills and being in a fog most of the time. I have found the use of the EMS to be extremely simple. When I dress in the morning for work, I attach the electrodes to the painful area and operate the unit on a "need" basis. When I called your office after receiving the unit I did have questions. Dennns and Kay were so sweet and more than helpful. They made sure I understood the workings and functions of the EMS before concluding the telephone conversation. I can honestly say these 2 people are compassionate, caring and an asset to any patient in need of their equipment. I...

Michale Adams

The Chattanooga Hydrocollator TM-1 Electric Gel Warmer

Reward Points: 578
Availability: In Stock
Free Shipping
Price: $289.00
Keeps massage lotion and ultrasound gel at a comfortable temperature.

The Chattanooga Hydrocollator TM-1 Electric Gel Warmer

Keeps massage lotion and gel warm.

  • Table Mounted - Holds up to 6 (4 oz.) bottles.
  • Keeps massage lotion and ultrasound gel at a comfortable temperature.
  • Easily attaches to any treatment table or wall.
  • Mini-Lotion Warmer hangs on the front of the Hydrocollator E-1 or E-2 heating units.
  • (Bottles not included).

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