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To relieve neck pain caused by slumping posture, you should first lengthen out the front of the neck. The easiest way to do this is to lay on the floor, and place a rolled up towel right under the top of your back (Between L1 and L2). The towel should be thick enough, so that it allows the front of your neck to fully lengthen out. Lay in that position for five to ten minutes. This exercise is great for people that work on the computer or drive a car a lot. Another way to relieve this type of neck pain is to massage each side of the neck. The  Thumper MiniPro2 are highly effective at massaging the neck, while the Shoulder Flex neck massager most closely simulates the human hands. These tools do all the work so you just relax and enjoy. If the muscles feel real cord-like, start with gentle pressure when stroking the neck. When the muscles soften up a little, you can increase the pressure a little. A good thumper massager canada can go a long way to relieivng your pain.

Neck pain caused by stress or an upper chest breather can also be very painful. The muscles all around the neck and chest muscles tighten up. The first thing to do is lengthen the chest muscles. Then you can use a tool to stroke the back of the neck, especially the crevice area called the occipital. Start with light pressure, and gradually increase it as the muscles loosen up. A good method for the sides of the neck is kneading. Kneading simply means to grab the muscle, and slightly pull. The Thumper MiniPro2 works great for massaging the chest as well. Keep it on low speed and you'll be truly satisfied.


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