The Newest Tens Unit on the Market - TPN200 Plus

A new TENS unit that offers its users all the main features required from a TENS unit but the TPN200 has the highest quality components to ensure its reliability.

* Fully variable outputs
* 3 mode settings
* Full accessories

Special Features of the TPN200 Plus 

- More accurate than conventional TENS units.
- Easy read/use display function. 
- Dual Channel. 
- Burst, constant & modulation modes 
- Variable pulse rate from 2Hz to 150Hz 
- Pulse Amplitude: 0-80mA peak to peak 
- Variable pulse width 30µs to 260µs
- Dimensions: 9cm x 6cm x 2cm
All TENS units from My Well Care are supplied with the following: 

TPN 200 Plus Control Machine
1 x Soft Carry case 
1 x Instruction manual 

This exact unit is used extensively in Private Hospitals throughout North America and offers excellent value for your money.


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