Posture Pump PentaVec Model 2500

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Posture Pump PentaVec Model 2500


  • 5 simultaneous force vectors
  • Powerful yet gentle operator
  • Lifts and expands lumbar spine
  • Rotates up and translates away pelvis


The Posture Pump PENTA VEC 2500 delivers 5 Simultaneous Force Vectors into the Lower Spine. With the lower spine under EED (Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression), the lumbosacral region is gently though powerfully translated along the Y-axis and simultaneously rotated and unwound on the X-axis. This unique blend of five simultaneous force vectors cannot be manually duplicated.

Penta Vec 2500, lifts and expands the lumbar spine while the sacrum and pelvis are rotated up and translated away. The feeling is one of lightness and freedom from the monotonous compressive coiling in the lower discs and joints. You'll feel the powerful yet gentle blend of operator applied forces this wonderful tool delivers. Help your patients get the results they deserve by combining your skills with the power of Penta Vec 2500