Petite- Tri Core Pillow - Kids White- CR-219

  • Petite- Tri Core Pillow - Kids White- CR-219
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Petite-Core Pillow - Kid’s White- CR-218

Petite-Core™ Pillow - Kid’s Print - CR-219

The Petite-Core, the smallest version of the Tri-Core orthopedic pillow, is proportioned for children and small adults. Helps to align the spine, whether you sleep on your back or your side

The neck support pillow addresses the cause of disorders by restoring the curvature of the neck and eliminating the symptoms associated with tension headaches, pain from neck injuries and arthritis. It also reduces snoring by correcting blocked airways.

The Petite Core’s trapezoid-shaped center gently cradles the head as the twin lobes provide proper neck support, keeping your head and neck in the natural position. Made with premium quality fiber, the neck pillow is durable and consistently provides a better night’s sleep.

Measures: 19” x 12” (48cm x 38 cm) and also available in White (See CR-218)