Venture Heat 8-in-1 Battery Powered FIR Heat Therapy-KB720

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Venture 8-in-1 Portable Heat Therapy Wrap -KB 720

Enjoy the multiple ways to gain therapeutic relief

Product Description

Venture Heat's 8-in-1 Portable Heat Therapy wrap uses fair infrared deep-tissue heating to provide natural pain relief that really works.

  • 8-Way Use Design
  • Use on Neck, Back, Elbows, Knees, any joint
  • Far Infrared Ray Deep-tissue heating
  • Portable and on-the-go
  • Eliminate all of your chronic muscle pains.

After a long day of work, unwind with relaxing heat for all of your aches and pains. Treat all of your sore spots with the 8-in-1 Portable Heat Therapy Wrap, designed to provide quick relief to all of your discomforts.

Imagine a day of pain-free relief. +Venture can help that dream come true with soothing heat targeting the source of pain without potentially harmful medication.

By safely delivering heat to your muscles and tissues, Far Infrared Rays effectively increase blood circulation to regain mobility.

VentureHeat Therapy Wraps

Rechargeable Lithium Ion Power Supply: With the temperature controller built into the slim battery, you can have heat on demand and select between 4 different heat settings with the touch of a button to suit your individual needs.

  • 2-5 hours of continuous use based on settings
  • Automatic 30-minute timer for added safety
  • Fast charging period
  • LED status indicator

Deep Penetrating Therapeutic Heat: Unlike conventional forms of heat therapy products, which heat up only the surface of the skin, Far Infrared Ray heat penetrates up to 3 inches into the muscles and bones, optimizing its therapeutic benefits. In addition, FIRs superior heating efficiency enables users to use a lower overall heating temperature, perfect for sensitive individuals.

  • Dilates blood vessels
  • Increases blood flow
  • Heightens blood oxygen level
  • Relaxes muscles spasms
  • Loosens joint stiffness
  • Speeds up cellular healing

Venture Heat Wrap Includes:

  • 1 8-In-1 Heat Therapy Wrap - 1.35 lbs
  • 1 Battery with Temperature Controller
  • 1 Home Charger