Therapeutic Portable Ultrasound Device-HT 906+250ML 3 GEL FREE

  • Therapeutic Portable Ultrasound Device-HT 906+250ML 3 GEL FREE
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Therapeutic Portable Ultrasound Device-HT 906+250ML 3 GEL FREE

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Therapeutic Portable Ultrasound Device-Model - HT 906

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    Ultrasound is a form of deep heating in which sound waves penetrate into the soft tissues. It is especially useful in relieving acute pain and aids in tissue healing. This portable ultrasound unit is great for patients who need therapy at home.

    The ultrasound device for use in applying therapeutic deep heat for selected medical conditions is a devise that applies to specific areas of body ultrasonic energy at a frequency 1 MHz and that is intended to generate deep heat within body tissues.

    This device can be used for both beauty and medical care. Unlike other devices (1 MHz and 3 MHz or other frequency), this special probe kit design can allow the sonic waves to easily pass through the stainless steel head which makes it easy to accurately adjust their strength. Thus, they can penetrate into either superficial or medium depth tissue.



    Ultrasound Unit Features

    • Stainless steel probe head
    • 3 levels of power ("L" low // "M" medium // "H" high)
    • Continuous or on/off pulse carrier output
    • 3 programs pulse ratio
    • Medium depth tissue
    • Power Source: Input: AC 100~240V, 50/60 Hz ( DC 24V )
    • Output Frequency: 1.0 MHz +-10%
    • Temporal Maximum Power: 4W +-10%
    • Temporal maximum effective intensity: 0.9 W/cm2
    • Effective Radiation Area: Low : 2.17 cm2, High: 1.98 cm2
    • Waveform: Pulse
    • Pulse Width: 2ms +-10%
    • Repetition Rate: 150Hz +-10%
    • Timer Setting: 30 minutes auto-off +-1%


    Unit: 6 month manufacturer Warranty. Warranty is voided for use outside the Canada.