Accel CS20 Medical Device & Instrument Disinfectant - 1 GALLON-Disinfectant

  • Accel CS20 Medical Device & Instrument Disinfectant - 1 GALLON-Disinfectant
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Accel CS20 Medical Device & Instrument Disinfectant - 1 GALLON


Accel CS 20 is designed for use in Healthcare and Personal Services when chemical sterilization is required.
Accel CS 20 is a Critical Sporicide and High Level Disinfectant in 20 minutes.

Ready-to-use Chemosterilant.


Accel CS20
Directions for Use
Protective Barriers:
1. Disposable gloves. Gloves should be changed as r
equired, i.e., when torn, when hands become wet ins
ide the
2. Household gloves can be worn, but they must be d
iscarded when the cleaning is complete.
3. Protective Eye wear (goggles, face shield or mas
k with eye protection) should be worn when decantin
Product is Ready to Use and does not require diluti
Shelf Life: 12 months from date of manufacture. Ex
piry date is listed on each product label. Accel C
S20 carries
a 14 day re-use period.
Recommended Procedures for Cleaning and Disinfectin
g of Equipment:
1. Cleaning should take place between each device/e
quipment usage.
2. Items are to be disassembled (as appropriate) an
d thoroughly cleaned.
3. Items may be contaminated with dried or wet sput
um and/or blood and should be cleaned using a deter
such as Accel WASH (Diluted 1:128 or 1:256), rinsed
, and dried prior to disinfecting with Accel CS20 f
or High
Level Disinfection/Chemical Sterilization.
4. Disinfection consists of immersing the device/eq
uipment in the Accel CS20 solution for 20-minutes.
5. Once the 20-minute contact time has passed, the
device/equipment should be removed from the Accel C
solution using clean, disinfected tongs or forceps.
6. The disinfected device/equipment should be thoro
ughly rinsed using sterile water when practical, ot
fresh submicron filtered water or potable water is
acceptable for semi-critical devices.
7. Manually flush all lumens.
8. Following the rinsing step the device/equipment
should be dried and stored in a suitable container
(i.e. Clear

polyethylene bag) for future use