AirCast Mayo Clinic Elbow Brace code # 05-EX

  • AirCast Mayo Clinic Elbow Brace  code # 05-EX
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AirCast Mayo Clinic Elbow Brace

AirCast Mayo Clinic Elbow Brace features an innovative control knob and adjustable hinge, provides exceptional stability and comfort while allowing for immobilization, static stretch or free motion option of the elbow. The sturdy metal uprights provide stability, while the straps with aircells securely hold the brace in position, ensure patient comfort and avoid pressure points.

The brace is used immediately after surgery to protect and immobilize the elbow joint. In the immediate post injury or post surgical period, the brace may be used to comfortably immobilize the elbow due to the effectiveness of the aircell strapping systems.

For static stretch, the control knob is set to the desired degree of flexion/extension. Once the arm muscles have stretched to the designated degree, the muscles can relax minimizing the inflammatory response that can occur in dynamic stretching.

In addition, the control knob can be unlocked allowing for free range-of-motion (ROM). This unique feature enables the patient to have the benefits of stability and protection while promoting elbow movement to prevent or treat contractures.

The Mayo Clinic Elbow Brace also controls ROM through the use of metal stops located in the adjustable hinge. These stops, inserted into the hinge by the medical professional, ensure that the patient does not exceed predetermined safe limits of ROM.

Accessories include an Arm Sling (included with each Elbow Brace) to enhance patient comfort and the ARC™ Forearm Rotational Brace (sold separately) for control of pronation/supination.

  • Lock/unlock mechanism enables rapid switch between immobilization, static stretch & free ROM
  • Calibrated control knob is easy to read and assists in monitoring therapy progress
  • Repositionable hinge stops control ROM
  • Universal design can be applied to right or left arm
  • Size adjustment feature accommodates varying humeral/radial circumferences
  • Optional ARC™ Forearm Rotational Brace controls pronation/supination



  • Immediately after surgery to protect and immobilize the elbow joint
  • Immediately post injury
  • Static stretch of elbow joint
  • Controlled ROM

Sizing Chart


P/NN Size Color Description
05E-L Universal Black Mayo Clinic Elbow Brace with Arm Sling (left arm, knob medial1)
05E-R Universal Black Mayo Clinic Elbow Brace with Arm Sling (right arm, knob medial1)


  • Elbow immobilization
  • Adjustable ROM features
  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  • Decrease pain symptoms
  • Improve elbow joint function
  • Improve post injury/post surgery recovery

Additional Pictures/Information

Provides static adjustable stretch of the elbow in flexion and extension. Replaces the need for two braces when treating elbow contractures and eliminates the need for serial casting for elbow reconstructions and acute fracture dislocations. ARC™ Forearm Rotational Brace may be used for additional pronation and supination control.