4 oz Biofreeze Tube10 pack Get 2 free + 100 Biofreeze Sample Free

  • 4 oz Biofreeze Tube10 pack  Get 2 free + 100 Biofreeze Sample Free
  • Product Code: Tube10 pack Get 2 free + 100 Biofreeze Sample Free
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4 oz Biofreeze Tube10 pack  Get 2 free + 100 Biofreeze Sample Free

Biofreeze Patient Samples, 100/pk With Brochure 4 oz Biofreeze Personal Tube 10 pack Professional Get 2 free









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Available to medical professionals only. Patients, please call us and we will forward your closest medical professional offering BIOFREEZE.

Order 6 or more and receive FREE samples & patient brochures.

Cryotherapy has long been recognized by the medical community as a way to reduce body aches and pains as well as to increase the rate of healing of damaged muscle and tissue.

BIOFREEZE was created and formulated with a South American herbal extract. The unique astringent staying powers of ILEX result in longer lasting, deeper penetrating pain relief compared to conventional cooling gels or sprays. BIOFREEZE contains 2 known & proven pain relievers, providing substantially more effective pain relief than conventional gels.

Unlike most analgesic gels, BIOFREEZE can be used in conjunction with other gels, lotions and oils. Healthcare professionals have reported great success using it with transmission gels during ultrasound and with massage oils for massage therapy treatments.

Finally, because it is not sold in stores, BIOFREEZE offers the healthcare community a valuable resource for increasing both their passive revenue & referrals.

The New Rapid Relief Cold/Hot Gel Compresses with Form-Fit Gel are designed to provide comforting cold or hot therapy in an effective reusable system. It is like getting two products for the price of one! Rapid Relief Gel Compresses remain flexible when frozen and safe for microwave use - offering easy, moldable cold or hot therapy almost immediately.

  •     Cold or Hot - two products in one
  •     Microwave safe
  •     Flexible when frozen
  •     Non-toxic Gel
  •     Fast relief for:

          Bruises and swelling
          Muscle spasm and pain
          Headaches and minor injuries
          Sore and stiff joints
          Muscle tension and cramps

  Contusions, Muscle stiffness, Spasms
  Arthritis & Bursitis
  Cramps, Strains & Sprains
  Hip, back, shoulder & neck stiffness
  Stiff & painful ankle, knee, hip & elbow joints
  Reduces swelling & stiffness
  Increases mobility & improves recovery
  Reduces pain & progresses healing

BIOFREEZE  with ILEX can enhance:
  Ultrasound Treatments (mix with coupling gel)
  Massage Therapy (Pre & Post)
  Electric Muscle & Nerve Stimulation
  Extend Ice Therapy
  Home Therapy Compliance
  Sports Injury Rehabilitation