Medistik Stick Dual-2 packs

  • Medistik Stick Dual-2 packs
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Medistik Stick Dual-2 packs

Analgesic stick. The most effective rub-on pain relief available without a prescription. Favoured by clinicians for chronic and acute pain. Used by professional athletes to improve training and recovery.

The Medistik Dual Active ingredients deeply penetrate the affected area to reduce inflammation. The unique dual action formula cools the affected area to relieve pain, then heats it to provide relaxation.

Recommended Use: Medistik DUAL provides temporary soothing relief of sore muscles associated with strains and sprains, backaches, lumbago, pain of tendons and/or ligaments as well as arthritis or rheumatic pain.

Active Ingredients and Functions:

  • 30% Methyl Salicylate (Anti-Inflammatory, Counter Irritant, Vasodilator)
  • 15% Menthol (Counter Irritant, Vasodilator)
  • 1% Eucalyptus Oil (Counter Irritant, Vasodilator)