Sonair Ultrasonic Mesh Nebulizer by MedPro

  • Sonair Ultrasonic Mesh Nebulizer by MedPro
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Sonair nebulizes liquid medication, providing ultra-fine mist that permeates the lungs faster for convenient and effective respiratory treatment.

  • Silent and Discreet Nebulization
  • Compact + Portable
  • One-Touch Operation
  • Rechargeable

Nebulizer kit includes: 1 adult and 1 child mask, mouthpiece, USB cable, Accessory bag, Quick start and Instruction manual.

Quick Start Instructions

Read all instructions and inserts included with this device before use. Consult with your healthcare professional for treatment information for your nebulizer

1. Rotate counterclockwise to open the medication cup cap.

2. Add prescribed medication. Do not fill more than 10 ml.

3. Tighten the cup cap clockwise.

4. Connect mask or mouthpiece. Press Power button to start nebulizing.

NOTE: This nebulizer is a medical device. Only use medications as prescribed and instructed by your healthcare professional.

Disinfect the nebulizer before first use. Thoroughly clean and dry the device, medication cup and accessories of any moisture or

condensation at the end of every treatment. Do not touch the mesh with fingers, sharp or rough objects.