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I'd been having trouble with my shoulder for months. I initially hurt it while working out in the morning, and then hurt it again at work that evening. I never really allowed it to heal. It didn't get much worse, and then I re injured it again recently. This time, using pain as my guide, I made it to my doctor, and then physiotherapy. After 5 minutes on the TENS unit at physio, I asked the therapist about where I could get one. It relieved so much pain so quickly. He said they were expensive, but I could probably get a 'script for one. I didn't care about the costs, not when it came to the pain I was experiencing. I found mywellcare.ca online, and found the TENS 7500 unit and all that was needed for $113.85 all in, including shipping. This unit is a gem of a deal. Easy, fast, inexpensive. I'll continue physio, but this jewel will help along the way. It took only 3 days to arrive in Nova Scotia from Ontario. Great little gadget.
5 out of 5 Stars!
Aaron MacDonald
Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation