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After having chronic bvack pain for 40 years because of an injury in a motor vehicle accident, I had been searching for an alternative treatment for the pain. Drugs have to many adverse effects, so that is not a mode of treatment for me. I had heard about your muscle therapy system, but did not know where to purchase the apparatus untill I saw it demonstrated at a home show in Winnipeg. I purchased the massage unit and started using it immediately. I received immediate relief!!! I use it before bed-time, so instead of tossing and turning to find a comfortable position to lay, I can now lay in a position that I like and fall asleep within a short period of time. It gives me the opportunity to get a restful, full-nights' sleep. I like the device for the different settings for the mode and time. My requirements for pain vary at different times. I would like to see 2 electrode wires for the set, since there are 2 outlets for the electrode and I would therefore be able to administer a multiple treatment at one time. I would also like to see a clear plastic storage pouch so it is easily identified at border crossings. I have used Dr. Ho's muscle therapy system now for 1 1/2 years and find it very easy, simple and safe to use. Unfortunately, I don't have a receipt for my purchase and could never use it as a medical expense for income tax purposes. I purchased the device from Ocean Sales from Calgary, Alberta at a home show in Winnipeg in 2015. With this testimonial, I am requesting replacement gel pads that measure 8 cm. by 12 cm.. Thank you, Yours Truly, Anne Heppner-Friesen
5 out of 5 Stars!
Anne Heppner-Friesen