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2 M bedside rails delivered to our home quickly.

We would like to thank Dennis Kapadia, from Wellness Health & Medical Supplies, for all his efforts in getting 2 M bedside rails delivered to our home quickly. My father fell and broke his pelvic bone, as well as brusing his rib cage. He was in serious pain sitting, laying down, and could not even lift any leg without experiencing excruciating pain from his injuries. We contacted Wellness Health & Medical Supplies in desperation and urgency. Our father was hurting himself even more by trying unsuccessfully to move in his bed. He couldn't even help himself into a comfortable lying down position. Dennis immediately placed the order and contacted our family to advise when we could receive delivery for these much needed M bedside rails. Now my father is in a twin bed, with one bedside rail on each side so he can pull himself up from his bed into a sitting position (using his arms). This serious...
5 out of 5 Stars!
Marie Felix