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Superior service!

I ordered a 3 pack of rollon Biofreeze from this company and followed my order on Canada Post with the tracking numbe provided. The package was stalled in the Post Office for several days. I contacted "my wellcare". They, immediately got in touch with Canada Post to sort it out. Canada Post then sent it to Montreal! I live in London ON. Mywellcare notified me that they were sending me a free one to tide me over until the package got here. It arrived the next business day! I eventually got my original order but I can't say enough about this company's excellent service! I find Biofreeze so helpful for my arthritis pain and they didn't let me be without any because of a Post Office foulup! I will certainly be ordering from them in the future! Thank you mywellcare!
5 out of 5 Stars!
Jean Cassidy