Thermotex Gold Infrared Heating Pad

  • Thermotex Gold Infrared Heating Pad
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The Thermotex gold  infrared heating pad is one of the best products available for back pain relief. This infrared heating pad is a single element device, designed specifically to address the more heavily muscles areas of the body especially the upper and lower back. This heating pad can be used while sitting or laying down and is ideal for pre treatment use in clinical waiting areas. 


  • Size: 15” X 16” (38.1 X 40.6 cm)
  • Infrared pads: 1 – 11.5” X 13.5” (29.2 X 34.3 cm)
  • 110/120 volts, 35 watts

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"My Husband James has been completely pleased with the relief he has received from his back pain".

The Thermotex Gold far infrared heating pad is manufactured in a certified ISO 9001:2000 plant and has:

  • certifications for CSA Canada, CSA USA, CE and UL
  • one year warranty on all parts and labour
  • removable machine washable covers
  • adjustable Velcro straps to effectively position pads

This product is exceptional for back pain relief and can be used anywhere - at home, in the office or in the car.

Thermotex Testimonials



 “I have bursitis in both hips.  I lay on the Thermotex Platinum System one time and 24 hours later I had no pain.  What a great product!” 

- Myrtle Anderson

I feel great comfort from my back pain due to the deep penetrating heat product by Thermotex.  I am very glad I found this product.”

- Minoo Antia

“I am not a medical professional, but just from the use of the product I can tell you, and anyone and everyone who will listen, that the Thermotex Platinum pad that I am using in my home and car is like a miracle to me in relieving the pain I have had from having almost broken my right arm off in a fall and having my elbow replacement, the healing process was much quicker that what the doctors expected.  They had originally told me that it would be a year before I could swing a golf club again.  It was not much past 6 months that I could hit a bucket of balls.  My game is rusty, but it is something that I didn’t know I would ever be able to do again.” 

- Lorin Casper

“I was having terrible back spasms until I started using your Thermotex Gold heating pad.  They stopped almost immediately.  I was a little sceptical, but the infrared heating technology really works.  Thanks Thermotex.” 

- Patrick Cech

“I have been using my Thermotex Platinum Model Far-Infrared Heating Pad now for about 30 days and have been feeling much better already.  Not only does it penetrate my lower back muscles deeper than any other heating pad I have ever used, but also it feels like my blood is circulating much better in my lower back.  In addition, I don’t burn my back like I did with old standard heating pads.  My new regime is to get up at 0600, read the Wall Street Journal with the pad on my back and then go into my stretching exercises.  What a difference the Thermotex System makes in my daily routine.  I feel much better during the day and the pain is almost eliminated entirely.  Thanks for recommending this Therapy System.  It works!” 

- Phil N

“I bought a Thermotex for my back and at the time I was recommended to try an in car adaptor as I drive a lot.  I must admit I use it every day and what I have really noticed is the difference in the way I feel the morning after a game of squash (which I’m not supposed to play!), definitely less aches and much less stiffness.  Highly recommended product; really good.” 

- Charles M, Aberdeen, UK

“The pad which I ordered has given me so much relief from my back pain following a laminectomy operation that I called today to order one for my daughter.”
Margaret R. 

- Santa Barbara, CA, USA

“Thermotex is an excellent product.  I used TENS machines and hot water bottles whenever my back pain got bad.  I now use Thermotex when I am sitting; it is very easy to use and comfortable.  I recommend it to my friends.”

- Mrs G. Heicke, Munich, Germany

“I have had low back pain on and off for about 8 years.  I now use Thermotex whenever I get pain and find the effects highly beneficial.”

- Michael B, Towcester, UK

I have had back pain all my life.  I was born with spina bifida.  My spinal column didn’t grow together completely before birth.  Since it was all internal, it was not discovered until I was 21 years old and have trouble walking.  My back was fused in 1966.  The doctor said my back was miserable and I was close to being paralyzed from the waist down.

I went to a number of chiropractors, physical therapists, doctors including the Seattle Bone Clinic at the University of Washington.  After x-rays and MRI’s they said they couldn’t help me.  Everyone gave up after a few treatments.  I had to use my mind to block out the pain.  I always said that I used 80% of my brain to block out the pain.  I took 4 tablets of Tramadol HCL 50mg and 6 caplets of Tylenol Arthritis per day with little or no pain relief.  Tramadol is a narcotic-like pain reliever.  I always said my golden years were really pyrite (fools gold).  I have considered walking out into the wheat fields around here on a cold night and just not coming back.  Heating pads and a Niagara heat and massage chair didn’t help.

Now I use my Thermotex pad once a day for an hour.  My life is completely different.  I have little or no pain.  My lawn took me two or three days to mow because of the pain.  Last week I mowed my lawn in four hours.  I can rototille my big garden and not have terrible pain afterwards.  Caring for my 52 rose bushes is a joy.  The things I wanted to do in retirement, I can now enjoy.  I can ride and care for my horse and not worry about the pain.  Thermotex put the gold back in my golden years.  Thank you very much.”  

- Dave

At a time when I was suffering a great deal of neck pain after a car injury aggravating an already existing condition in my neck, I found Thermotex pad decreased the pain so much that I was able to go without pain medication and continue my day to day work as a graphic designer. 

My neck injury combined with diagnosed osteoarthritis in my neck was making work very difficult and I was very relieved when I could put the Thermotex neck on any have my pain relieved within a short period of time.  I do believe it was crucial to overall healing and found the healing process from my injury was much more progressive after using Thermotex.” 

- Barb Jackson

I have long been a sufferer of migraines which are so totally debilitating!  I was given a Thermotex Neck pad which I started to use around my neck and when I feel the pressure build in my head I lay down on the bed with the pad over my eyes.  The warmth coupled with the infrared means that I no longer have to suffer as I once it.  It is truly amazing!

- Vanessa S, Auckland, NZ

I am a primary school teacher and find at the end of the day my neck and shoulders go into spasm, especially around report time!  I initially used my Thermotex neck pad twice a day for a month and find I only use it 2 or 3 times a week.

- M. Roberts, Auckland, New Zealand

“This is the first time I have had pain relief without drugs.  The Thermotex pad has made my life better.  I love it!  We have ordered 4 more as gifts.” 

- Mrs Muller

The relief of spasms in deep muscles assists massage treatments whilst also decreasing pain.  In my experience relaxation is felt deeper when Thermotex infrared treatment is used in conjunction with pure massage than with pure massage only.  I recommend Thermotex equipment as an auxiliary tool to the work of medical professionals.” 

- Pirjo Pesonen, Professional Massage Therapist, Helsinki, Finland

“I would like to thank you for my Thermotex Platinum.  The family is very happy and it helps us.” 

- Jorig P.  Ultrecht, Holland

As a CPGA Class “A” golf professional with a focus on golf specific conditioning, I have found the Thermotex to be an effective tool in the management of recovery and recuperation from golf and training.  The Thermotex is portable and effective.  It can provide benefit to virtually any golfer, recreational or professional.

- Kendal Yonemoto, CPGA Class “A” Professional, Vancouver, Canada


“I got your product for my grandmother.  I live in Lille, France and I want to tell you that she loves it.  She is 86 and when she likes something it is a good sign!”

- Gerard, Lille, France

“I had gone trap shooting with my husband, son and grandson last Saturday for the first time in a few months.  Needless to say that I was sore, my shoulder ached and the muscles from my shoulder to my neck were beyond tight.  I took the usual MSM for such a thing and went to bed with my Thermotex pad.  I got up once during the night and the muscles were still tender to touch.  BUT, by morning the pain was gone and almost all of the tenderness.  I have been using this pad for some time and have had impressive results, but this tops them all!” 

- Vicky Jo Smith

“My husband is very happy with the shoulder system.  This is the third Thermotex unit we have purchased and we think they’re terrific,  After 5 months of not playing tennis and trying all kinds of remedies for tennis elbow I’m back on the courts now, thanks to Thermotex.”   

- D. Kaplan

“I am so fired up about Thermotex personal systems!!  I have suffered with fibromyalgia and arthritis for a number of years and my knee pad is working miracles on my knees… in three weeks the pain has decreased dramatically and my pain meds reduced in half!!!!  I am only in my fifties, so am thrilled that Thermotex is giving me relief, rather than knee replacement and drugs.  I am very thankful and would love to see other sufferers get the same relief!!!!  

- Brenda Heise

“I have fibromyalgia which is a misunderstood condition that has no cure.  I struggle at times and heat is one of the main things I use to get relief.  I have been using Thermotex now for several months and feel it does not compare with anything on the market, it is so much better.  Now with the addition of the heating pads to my daily routine, I began to exercise and this has given me a stronger sense of freedom.  Thanks for the incredible technology.”

- Linda, St. Helier, Jersey

“I find Thermotex does wonders to soothe and ease the pain and it does so in a gentle manner with no discomfort.  The relief lasts for hours and even though it sounds odd, it only seems to heat up in the most tender points.  I personally would highly recommend it to other fibromites and indeed will be posting to that effect over this weekend.”  

- Miss Rachel, Fibro Fighters, Cardiff, Wales


I have been using your Thermotex device for my recovering heel injury for a couple of months now, and it lives up to its promises and more.  I had an open wound on the back of the heel (in office screw removal), and the unit closed it up in only a few days.

Further, it has benefited the healing of soft tissue in the foot and improved its circulation in a way that has practically dissolved the minimal residual joint effusion one gets in situations like this (4 months in casting).

Four months imprisoned in a cast with no weight bearing at all returns a weak, tight foot with shortened gear that cannot do work without complaint, as I am sure you know.  I credit the Thermotex device with a surprisingly quick return to walking normally without pain in proper gait.  Typically in calcaneous fracture situations, recovering the ability to walk with pain, limp, swelling can take up to a year and sometimes more (depending on the injury type and quality of repair).  Well, using your infra red system enabled me to walk unaided without pain or limp in proper gain in only 3 weeks, which stunned me, the physical therapist, the orthopaedist and my own orthopaedist brother, who had forecast a full year to reach anything approaching normal status.  I am sure it’s easy for you to understand why I am a confirmed and delighted Thermotex customer!

Again, thank you for making this device affordably available to everyone.  Your product has truly “saved the bacon’ here, and I am full of gratitude.”  

- N. Bolen

“My Thermotex pad was recommended by my Naturopathic doctor for use on a skin rash.  After using the pad for 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening for 1 week the rash is 80% gone and NO itching.  This product is excellent, 10 out of 10.” 

- J. Staruk




Is this product FDA or Health Canada approved?
Yes, our products are cleared for sale by the FDA in t
he US and registered as a medical device
for sale by Health Canada.
How does the unit work?
Thermotex products use 110 volt power and plugs into
a regular power outlet. You can also use
the unit in the car with a power inverter that can pr
ovide at least 50 watts of power.
What kind of technology does the unit use?
The Thermotex unit converts electricity to far infrare
d light waves which are beneficial in
increasing blood flow.
What makes this product different than a regular he
ating pad?
Heating pads produce conductive heat which heats the su
rface of the skin. Thermotex products
produce far infrared light which is radiant and is a
bsorbed into the body. We have measured the
depth of penetration at 2.36 inches after just 20 mi
nutes. It is the absorption of the light wave that
results in an increase in blood flow. This is what m
akes Thermotex so much more effective than
other heat products.
For how long may I apply the pad?
We recommend a treatment session be for 10-15 minutes
on the High setting (when starting at
room temperature) and then 30 additional minutes on
low for a total time of 45 minutes. If the pad
is plugged in and pre-warmed already, we recommend 45
minutes on the Low setting only.
Do I need to ask my Doctor before using the pad?
Generally this is not necessary unless the following ap
plies to you.
Consult your healthcare professional before using The
rmotex, if you have any of the following:
Malignancy (including skin lesions)
Circulatory diseases
Using Prescription Drugs
Implanted silicone or silicone prostheses
Recent acute joint injury
Chronically hot or swollen point
METAL IMPLANTS - Pay attention for signs of any unco
mfortable heat build up in the treatment
area. If heat build up occurs discontinue use.
Do you offer a guarantee on the product?
Thermotex offers a 30 day money back guarantee. This g
uarantee requires that you use your
Thermotex pad as instructed for 30 days. If you are no
t satisfied after this period of time you can
return your product for an applicable refund. This doe
s not include shipping and may include a
restocking charge if your Thermotex dealer has one in ef


I am afraid of radiation. Does Thermotex produce ha
rmful radiation?
Thermotex produces a radiant light wave located in th
e far infrared portion of the electromagnetic
spectrum. These light waves are not harmful to the h
uman body but in fact when used in the
therapeutic application produced by Thermotex products,
they are beneficial to the body.
Is there a warranty on the product?
Your Thermotex product comes with a 12 month parts and
labour warranty.
How is the product powered?
The Thermotex products run on a 110 volt power source
or alternatively, through a power inverter
for auto use.
Is it machine washable?
The cover is fully removable for machine washing or d
ry cleaning.
How do we keep the pad in place?
All products except for the TTS Gold come with fasteni
ng elastic straps. The TTS Gold does not
require fastening straps.
How many settings are available?
Your Thermotex pad has 2 setting only, High and Low.
We recommend a treatment session be for 10-15 minutes
on the High setting (if the pad is at
room temperature) and then 30 additional minutes on
low for a total time of 45 minutes. If the pad
is plugged in already and pre-warmed, we recommend 45
minutes on the Low setting.
How much does it weight?
All Thermotex products weight 2 or less pounds.
How do I return it if I am not satisfied?
Contact the dealer who sold you the product for the pr
oduct return process.
Can this item be folded (for example into a suitcas
All Thermotex products fit into a large suitcase.
Are instructions for use included?
How long has Thermotex been in business?
The current company has been in business since 1996
Are the products safe for all family members?
Thermotex products are safe for all members includin
g pets, excluding infants.