M-Brace item # 15 Mercurio Ankle Lock One Size Fits All

  • M-Brace item  # 15  Mercurio Ankle Lock One Size Fits All
  • Brand: M-Brace-Vega
  • Product Code: Iitem # 15 Mercurio Ankle Lock
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Iitem # 15  Mercurio Ankle Lock


Neoprene & Latex Free-Hypo-Allergenic.

100% cotton on the skin



Breathable & Hypo Allergenic  100% Cotton

Size One size Fits All



ndications: Provides mild & light compression/support, Ankle distortions, Ankle sprains, Post-trauma rehab, Post-rehab sports resumption
Components:  100% cotton velour (whatever surface is in contact with patient's skin), Crossed reinforced elastic strap 
(stretchable in one direction only), Adjustable Locking System
Benefits:  Easy and practical, Suits everybody's purpose, Fits in any street or sports shoe, Light and user-friendly,  Extreme comfort on the skin, No allergies or dermatitis, Well being and hygiene, Limited space at home or in a shop
  • Fits Right and Left
  • One-Size-Fits-All
  • Extremely low profile
  • Color is new and different
  • Similar to wearing a soft sock
  • Can be worn directly on the skin or on top of a sock
  • Breathable & natural materials
  • Washable