Item #16 Strenua Extra Ankle Lock

  • Item #16 Strenua Extra Ankle Lock
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Item #16 Strenua Extra Ankle Lock

Neoprene & Latex Free-Hypo-Allergenic.

100% cotton on the skin


Choose the Right Size when you order it 


Foot Circumference


8.3" - 10.3"


10.3" - 11.9"


11.9" - 14.2"


14.2" - 15.8"


15.8" - 17.8"

Measure ankle circumference diagonally over base of the heel and across the ankle bone (top side of foot).


  • Reversible for inversion or eversion control
  • Fits Right and Left

The M-Brace Strenua Extra Ankle Lock is a good option for dislocations, distortions and sub-luxation of the ankle, and post-trauma rehab.  The high resistant selfmolding sock avoids excessive pronation/ supination.  It has a close/snug fit, and will easily fit inside any shoe.  The material is breathable and neoprene free.