Torex Sleeves- Medium; Elbow/Foot/Ankle TXRA 5060 Fits 10"-15"

  • Torex Sleeves- Medium; Elbow/Foot/Ankle TXRA 5060 Fits 10"-15"
  • Brand: Torex
  • Product Code: TXRA5060 Medium Fits 10"-15"
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Medium Torex Hot & Cold Sleeve

TXRA 5060 Medium Circumference Fits 10"-15"

Torex Premium Professional Cod Therapy Flat Pack
Re- useable and long lasting
Soft Touch Construction
Does not Freeze Solid
Non-Toxic/ Latex Free
Stays Flexible

Package includes, one medium sized torex hot & cold sleeve, one stretchable non-latex regular ICS 47 insulating compression sleeve and application instructions.

Product Details

  • Fits: Limbs with circumference of 10.00" to 15.00"
  • Torex Sleeve Dimensions: 5.00" center opening x 6.00" long; 28 oz
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Hot Cold Method: Hot water, microwave, refrigerator, freezer
  • Compression Sleeve: 4.75" center opening x 14.00" long
  • Product Number: R5060
  • Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business Days

100% product performance & satisfaction guaranteed.

Torex Cold Packs come as flat packs and as patented radial packs that surround the treatment area. Gives fast, effective, uniform treatment with gel cooling as a thick, long-lasting paste.