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  • ComforTrac Cervical Traction | Neck Traction
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Neck Traction Device - Comfort Trac Home Cervical Neck Traction Device

Comfort Trac Home Cervical Neck Traction DeviceComfortTrac Cervical Traction Device




  • Relaxes by Comfortably Overcoming Muscular Resistance: there is inherent difficulty relaxing while traction is being applied. Research has shown that much of this muscle resistance is reduced with supine or reclined traction. This unit was engineered to maximize relaxation and increase the effectiveness of traction therapy.
  • TMJ discomfort: The TMJ (jaw joints) are often compromised during traction with competitive units.
  • Patient Compliance: ComforTrac users follow-thru better than those using other models we compared.
  • Brand New Models Only: We do not offer use or re-furbished models.
  • Warranty: One-year Manufacturer's Warranty


  • Allows users to receive the benefits of traction in a relaxed position with customizable inclination at 10o, 15o or 20o and easy 2 second adjustment.
  • Directs traction forces toward the occiput (back of the head) thereby preventing compression of the TMJ by eliminating forces transmitted to the chin.
  • Provides a comfortable and cost-effective option to continuing clinical traction treatments at home.


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  • Super comfortable memory headrest makes ComforTrac unsurpassed for relaxing the user during traction therapy, as well as being covered with synthetic leather for easy cleaning
  • New pump design incorporates an easy pump mechanism for both sustaining or releasing the traction - it is simple to use and eliminates air leaks
  • Friction-free track and specially designed air cylinder allow smooth application of traction and stretching to the upper back and neck
  • Most users can position themselves in the device without assistance due to "easy-on" forehead strap and adjustment knobs
  • Gauge shows both pounds and kilograms to provide accurately prescribed therapy to the user, while promoting consistency in treatment
  • Safety feature: The unique pressure valve limits the maximum amount of force to 50 pounds and offers an emergency quick pressure relief valve for safety assurance of the patient
  • Neck wedges are comfortable and width adjustable customizing fit and enhancing comfort. The shape and width adjustment ensures that all neck sizes may have a perfect fit every time!
  • Comfortrac Duffle Carry Case included
  • Includes instructional user's guide written to make home traction safe and easy