3BTape Coated Kinesiology Scissors

  • 3BTape Coated Kinesiology Scissors
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3BTape Coated Kinesiology Scissors

The latest innovation in engineering and craftsmanship, the 3BTape Coated Kinesiology Taping Scissors. 

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3BTape Coated Pro Kinesiology Taping Scissors are made from high carbon stainless steel which keeps the blade razor-sharp for years. These Kinesiology ...


Nevanon model DSN-210 stainless steel scissors coated with black carbon and a fluorine resin. A 3.5 inch blade for a clean tape cut without picking up tape residue.

Black Scissors

  • Easily cuts multiple strips of kinesiology tape at the same time
  • Made from premium high carbon stainless steel
  • Blade stays razor sharp for years
  • Special coating virtually eliminates adhesive residue
  • Perfectly balanced for precision cuttin