Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump

  • Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump
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Ameda Purely Yours  Breast Pump


Each Purely Yours Includes:

  • 1 Purely Yours Motor
  • 1 Dual HygieniKit Milk Collection System
  • 1 AC wall adaptor
  • Instruction booklet

The Ameda Purely Yours Double Breast Pump Includes:

  • (1) Purely Yours Breastpump
  • (1) Dual HygieniKit Milk Collection System (without BPA and DEHP)
  • (2) 4 oz./120mL milk collection bottles with lock-tight sealing lids
  • (1) AC power adapter
  • (1) Instructions for use

Dual HygieniKit Milk Collection System Includes:

  • (2) 25.0 breast flanges
  • (2) Silicone diaphragms
  • (2) 4 oz./120 mL bottles
  • (4) White valves
  • (2) Adapter caps
  • (2) Silicone tubings
  • (2) 2-piece lock-tight bottle caps
  • (1) Instructions for Use


The Purely Yours Breast Pump is the only portable double breast pump that combines the legacy of hospital-proven technology with mom-friendly features. The Purely Yours™ gives you the convenience and flexibility you deserve.  It is portable and light weight - the motor only weighs 1/2 kg! You can use the pump with either the AC power cord, batteries or with a car adaptor.

With Purely Yours Ultra CustomControl, dual suction and speed adjustability allows moms to choose from a total of 32 combinations—for the best comfort and milk flow every time.


Proven Airlock Protection means our diaphragm barrier keeps the air from your pump from coming in contact with your milk while pumping. You don't have to clean the narrow tubing, and your milk stays purely yours.

The Purely Yours Ultra includes three of the most commonly needed flange sizes for a good fit at your very first pumping and later as your body changes. Four other flanges sizes are also available separately.

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