Complete Coverage Color Video Baby Monitor Set - Model # 02720

  • Complete Coverage Color Video Baby Monitor Set - Model # 02720
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Complete Coverage™ Color Video Monitor Set

Model # 02720

Description :

For parents looking for a video monitor following today’s trends, there’s the dual video monitor set from Summer Infant.  Different from any other monitor in the market, this monitor has a unique look, tilt feature and a helpful swivel design to accommodate multiple angles. A second handheld color video monitor is included for added portability and parent convenience.

WARNING : This monitor uses public airwaves to transmit signals and may pick up signals from other monitors or similar devices. Signal broadcast by this monitor may also be picked up by other receivers.

Specs :


  • 7” LCD color flat screen AND 1.8”color handheld units
  • 900 MHz technology for superior clarity and 350’ range
  • Built-in handle, swivel stand & tilt option on flatscreen
  • Belt clip & flip stand on handheld unit
  • LED sound lights let you see and hear baby's every sound
  • One touch video on/off for night time convenience
  • Two channel selection to minimize interfe