NeuroTrac Labour TENS-Obstetric Tens-VM-LABOUR

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Neuro Trac Obstetric Tens / Labour Tens-VM-LABOUR

TENS is a medically recognized, drug-free method of controlling childbirth and musculoskeletal pain. We offer two types of TENS machines- one specifically for pain from child birth, and one specifically for muscle pains.

Managing your pain doesn't have to be invasive or expensive.

Labour / Obstetrics TENS Machine
The NeuroTrac™ Labour TENS uses either four long skin electrodes or two very long skin electrodes. If using four of the smaller skin electrodes, the upper pair are placed between the T10 and L1 meridians and the lower pair are placed between the S2 and S4 meridians. The stimulation is adjusted until a mild tingling sensation is felt. By using the Remote Switch either Rest mode (Bursts of low frequency TENS) or Boost mode (Continuous high frequency TENS) may be selected.
Rest mode is used between contractions and Boost mode during the contractions

It has been shown that TENS can be an effective technique for pain control in over 80% of cases.

*Digital Dual Channel Obstetrics TENS unit
*1 Dedicated Labour Pain programme for ease of use
*Remote Boost switch for additional pain control at times of intense pain
*Continuous Mode (Boost): 90 Hz @ 220 µS
*Burst Mode (Rest): 2 Hz Bursts. Bursts of 9 pulses @ 200 µS and 150 Hz repeating twice per second
*Constant Current (extends battery life)
*Automatic switch off after 4 minutes if unit is not in use
*User friendly

Used as your top pair (shoulder blade down) combined with standard obstetric electrodes (50 x 100) at the base of your back they provide the most powerful solution available. If you have any doubts regarding the effectiveness of TeNS during childbirth, this is the option for you.