Thera-Band Thera-Band 50 Yard - Tan

  • Thera-Band  Thera-Band 50 Yard - Tan
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Thera-Band  Thera-Band 50 Yard - Tan

item # TH-20110   Tan , Extra Thin 50 yard



Product Description

Thera-band - 50 Yard A complete progressive resistance exercise program. Ideal for upper and lower body conditioning. To use simply cut the appropriate length tie the two ends and exercise. The 6-inch width evenly distributes pressure. Lightweight and compact enough to take anywhere. Hospital/Clinic Roll 50 Yard Dispenser Box. Thera-Band is a versatile resistive exerciser that provides the means to safely improve muscular strength and endurance range of motion (ROM) and flexibility. With seven levels of progressive resistance users can easily gauge their progress by the band they're using. Thera-Band's benefits include: Color-coded Thera-Band is available in seven levels of resistance each easily identified by color. Comfortable Thera-Band has a wide band for ease-of-use. The band distributes the resistive force over a wide area preventing impaired circulation. Economical Thera-Band is an inexpensive alternative to conventional weights and exercise equipment. Elastic Thera-Ban