Heat Therapy Massager #-4189 WAHL

  • Heat Therapy Massager #-4189  WAHL
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Heat Therapy Massager #-4189 WAHL

The Wahl Heat Therapy Massager features a heat attachment with 2 settings to help circulation and pain relief. Penetrates deep to soothe stiff, aching muscles. Customize the speed to relax with a gentle massage or intense for a deep massage. 8 attachments to customize your massage experience.


  • 8 Attachments: heat,facial,muscle kneading, spot application,scalp,deep tissue, knuckle/joints, body
  • 2 heat settings, 2 speed settings
  • Ergonomically designed for complete comfort. It is lightweight, quiet and compact
  • Restore health back into your life with the Wahl Heat Therapy Massage
  • Instructions included