Water Proof Sport Massager JS-119

  • Water Proof Sport Massager  JS-119
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Waterproof engineering

Two adjustable levels of vibration to optimize massage for any part of your body: High / Low
Ergonomically designed shape enables comfortable single-switch operation
Whisper-quiet, powerful motor, providing an invigorating 4300 or 5300 vibrations per minute
Body-safe materials
Silky smooth-textured, resilient massage head
The Waterproof Spot Massager JS-119 focuses all of its vibrating power in a smooth, resilient head, allowing you to really zero in on tight, sore muscles and melt away tension. Customize your massage with a choice of two speeds for deep-down relief. It lets you reach neck, shoulders, lower back, thigh, calf, sole, and spine comfortably. Goes right to the source of muscle discomfort and keeps on giving relief.
It is easy to operate, simply choose your level of vibration intensity. Its light weight design makes it perfect for travel, office, purse, and carry-on bag.
Enjoy an Ergonomic Spot Massage, in or out of the bathtub
The Waterproof Spot Massager JS-119's battery power means it can be used anywhere...including underwater, such as in the bath, where you are most relaxed.
The secret of the Waterproof Spot Massager is the flexible massage head.
Unlike other personal electrical body massagers, the Waterproof Spot Massager JS-119 features an ergonomic and flexible massage head that pivots to your contours to provide a penetrating deep massage to tense muscle tissue. A powerful two-speed motor delivers an invigorating 4,300 or 5700 vibrations per minute, completely relaxing your muscles.
1. Massage Head
2. Switch Button (High / Low)
3. Battery Compartment
1. Turn the battery cap clockwise to loosen, and insert 2 AA batteries.
2. Tighten the battery cap again to maintain waterproof operation.
3. To choose the massage speeds, push the switch button to HIgh or Low.
4. After use, push the switch button to OFF to turn off the device.
Power Supply 2 AA Batteries (Not included)
Dimensions 23.5 x 5.0 x 5.0 cm / 9.5 " x 2.0 " x 2.0 "
Weight 185 g / 0.4 lb