AMG Telescoping Bed Rails -Sold by: Pair

  • AMG Telescoping Bed Rails -Sold by: Pair
  • Product Code: AMG Telescoping BedRails 775-695
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AMG Telescoping Bed Rails - SOLD IN PAIR

CODE # 775-695

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These bed rails are designed for use on institutional type woven spring hospital beds from 34 5/8” to 40 5/8” in width. They feature tool-free installation, spring loaded crossbars, and spring stabilizers. The head or foot of the rails may be adjusted independently. They drop well below the top of the mattress for ease in patient transferring and bed making.
Weight: 12 kg
Adjusts to beds of 34 5/8” à 40 5/8”)
Length: 47" to 72"
Height (raised): 17