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Enviromate E3 Steam Cleaner

Excellent Steam Cleaner Reviewed by: John on 2010-08-30 Just recieved our Environmate E3 steam cleaner and put it to all of the tests we could find: greasy range hood over a six burner professional range, marble tile floors in both kitchen and bath, shower stalls, cat litter box, hardwood floors, and even some mildew in the basement. The beautifully designed, heavy duty machine did an amazing job for us. Plenty of power to the steam jet (nice to have the pressure adjustable at the applicator handle), and the attachments are well built and sturdily engineered. Easy to assemble, change heads, set up the steamer and use. I particularly liked how effortlessly it cleaned the tile floor in the kitchen, which gets heavy wear and food spills. I also really like the high heat for sanitizing and the dry steam that leaves the surfaces only slightly damp. A great new tool to help clean a house that has some tough problem cleaning areas. I think it is a much better investment than the similarly sized,lighter duty steam cleaners on the market, judging from the reviews I have read of them. Very pleased with this new cleaning tool and would highly recommend it to others looking for a multifunction steam cleaner for their home or shop.

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Since 2007, we've been providing our customers with the pain management and physiotherapy supply products they depend on for health and well-being. Affordably priced, with the high quality you expect, My Well Care is committed to offering only the very best, both in terms of our products and our service. Don't take a chance with companies promising everything that in the end offer very little. We want to be your dependable solution for effective pain management, physical therapy and proactive treatments that really work.

Looking for a TENS machine or Thera-Bands? We have them both at the lowest prices you'll find anywhere. What about a foot massager or kinesio tape for extra stability and protection from muscle pain? Count on My Well Care to provide a wide selection of options just for you. We sell everything from massage tables and heating pads to exercise bands, BD needles and Obus Forme brand back pain treatments, mattress pads and more.

With a friendly customer service staff trained in the products we sell only a telephone call away, we can help you with any question or concern regarding everything we feature on our website. Get the Well Care difference. Simply order online or call us today! We offer FREE SHIPPING within Canada for most of our products!



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