Adjustable Compression Thigh Wrap – #80

  • Adjustable Compression Thigh Wrap – #80
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Adjustable Compression Thigh Wrap – #80

The M-Brace #80 Adjustable Thigh Wrap is used to treat muscle contracture, strains and tears, and hematoma. A cushion placed between the wrap and skin exerts a pressure that helps the muscle in its healing process. Two adjustable locking straps are used to cinch up the thigh wrap for the right amount of compression.

The M-Brace Adjustable Thigh Wrap is breathable, hypoallergenic, latex free and neoprene free. The wrap's 100% natural fibers helps maintain cleaner skin and lowers the chance of dermatitis formation. The thigh wrap is perfect for sports and rehab. Hand wash as needed and line dry for best results.

M-Brace #80 Adjustable Thigh Wrap Features:

  • One size fits most.
  • Fits under all pants.
  • Extremely low profile; lightweight.
  • Does not migrate or rotate.
  • Easily adjustable in size and position with adjustable strapping mechanism.
  • Exclusive AIRFLEX fabric. 100% cotton on the skin.
  • Adjustable cushion for localized compression is ideal for reducing swelling to the area and is removable.
  • No allergies or dermatitis.
  • Washable.

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M-Brace #80 Adjustable Thigh Wrap