Digi-Flex Finger Exerciser

  • Digi-Flex Finger Exerciser
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Digi-Flex® Finger Exerciser - Yellow Extra Light 

Flexion for each finger individually and the entire hand! 

Develops isolated finger strength, flexibility and coordination as it builds hand and forearm strength. Use each button independently to exercise fingers or compress the entire unit for complete hand and forearm strengthening. Comes with illustrated manual.

Plastic Display for Digi-Flex® Finger Exerciser

Display can hold all 5 strengths of Digi-Flex® Finger Exerciser

Plastic Display is FREE when you buy all 5 strengths of the Digi-Flex® Finger Exerciser.

For the Digi-Flex® Finger Exerciser, see item BS-100740 (Yellow), BS-100741 (Red), BS-100742 (Green), BS-100743 (Blue), BS-100744 (Black)

The Digi-Flex unit can be used to develop isolated finger strength, flexibility and
 coordination or to exercise the entire hand and forearm. The flexible ergonomic base conforms to the patient's palm, cushions impact,
and significantly increases attainable range of motion,
Available in 5 color coded levels of resistance: (1.5), (3), (5), (7), (9), pounds.